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Conversational A.I.

We were founded by an AI engineer, an architect and a rocket scientist... together dedicated to making the worlds first conversational characters.

Our Latest Characters

About SapientX

We make talking characters that can assist, guide or act as a brand ambassador. They use the most advanced conversational AI system on the planet… combining ChatGPT with Symbolic Reasoning.


Conversational AI
with ROI

Our digital characters are your solution to staffing shortages. Many of your basic jobs can be done as well or better by our A.I. powered characters… 24/7.


We Like Avatars

Sure, you can use SapientX without an avatar and for certain uses it makes sense. That said, scientists tell us that a voice system, combined with a movie grade avatar, greatly increases user satisfaction and trust. Your choice!


We Run On

Our highly efficient digital characters run on your mobile phone, in your car, on your tablet, or your desktop computer.



Yes, these avatars can look like anything or any one. A famous person… yes… a kitty cat… yes. That said, the quickest and most cost effective development is to use off the shelf Meta-humans made by Epic.


ChatGPT + Symbolic Reasoning

ChatGPT is brilliant but struggles with accuracy. We combined it with our Sage Symbolic Reasoning system — yielding the best of both AI worlds and  up to 99% conversational accuracy. 


Pleasing Everyone

Well, perhaps that's not possible but we do speak 40 languages allowing us to serve 5.5 billion of this planets inhabitants. We dream of the day when we can speak to everyone… and their pets!

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