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The Case for Avatars

SapientX Avatars

You may have heard, "70% of a conversation is non-verbal". Given that, why would we ever want to limit our communication with people by only using a voice. Intuitively, we always knew that avatars were important but today, there is a large body of research that has proven their importance.

Custom Avatars

5 years ago, Alex Hessler left Pixar and joined our team with the goal of making movie grade conversational avatars... like what he had worked on in the movie Avatar. He brought with him, Jack Kim from Tippet Studios, the character animators behind dozens of Hollywood blockbusters. Today, their hard work has led to the highest resolution talking characters in the industry. Let's talk about your vision for your ideal avatar.

Commercial Avatars

As wonderful as custom characters are, it's much more economical to use off-the-shelf avatars from standard suppliers like Daz3D, Adobe Avatar Creator, Wolf 3D and Epic's Meta-humans.

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